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HBO Chicago is a Chicago-land area ‘Flat Fee Listing’ service available for those in the Northern portion of IL. HBO Chicago can assist you in all aspects of advertising your property, not to mention with other real estate needs such as: finding a new home, leasing, property management, and construction. 


If you’re like many home sellers in the Chicago area, the transaction is less about how much money you’ll make and more about mitigating losses. With home prices in a free fall for the past several years, many sellers are listing their homes for less than they paid – and sometimes even less than they owe on their mortgage.

That can make a five percent commission for a full-service Realtor difficult to spend, and thus the increase in popularity of flat-fee listing service. These services offer many of the same benefits of a full-service brokerage house, like MLS exposure and contract support, for a one-time fee in the range of a few hundred dollars. These services are sort of a middle ground between truly offering a home For Sale By Owner and going with a full-service Realtor.

While many homeowners are enticed by the substantial savings in commissions, these services are not for everyone. David Bovyn of HBOChicagoChicago’s largest flat-fee listing service, notes that a good candidate for using a flat-fee service is someone who has the time and communication skills to field their own inquiry calls and conduct their own showings. “If you can make that commitment, then we are available to help with the rest,” he said.

– Examiner.com  6/18


Tim Harstead - Licensed Broker with Kale Realty

  • Tim will be helping you from list to close with your transaction. He will help with CMAs, adjustments on pricing, new photos, and answer any general questions you have. When an offer comes in he will be your point of contact as far as negotiating goes. He will walk you through the sales process once you have an offer accepted and help keep the lines of communication open with the buyers side of the transaction.You can reach Tim at tharstead@kalerealty.com